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немецкая графика 1555 года
"'Flaisch macht Flaisch' is from the old German proverb 'Fleisch macht Fleisch, fisch macht nisch'. It would roughly translate to 'meat gives meat, fish gives nothing', meaning that meat is more nourishing than fish.
Fleisch is in German also connected to 'Fleischeslust', which means carnal desire. The fish can be connected to the catholic tradition of eating fish on friday, or abstinence from eating meat.
So in this picture, the proverb is interpretated in a raunchy way. The nun wants to trade the fish that implicates abstinence from meat/lust for the meat that obviously represents carnal desire."

Вспомнил также поговорку из Азии, про три удовольствия: "Скакать на мясе,есть мясо, и втыкать мясо в мясо".
В русском же фольклоре наоборот: "Хуй за мясо не считают". "Последний хуй без соли доедает" и т.п. Т.е - негативный объект, объект вычитания.
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