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Dmitry Babenko / Artist Book


"Anyone setting out to create a collage knows that the process of moving around elements against a background can quickly turn into a game more interesting than any final result could produce. Here, "Talking Heads" gives us the best of both as these pages peek over the artist's shoulder as he intersects with his aggressive information environment. Human jaws, ears, pointing fingers, George Washington necks, shoulders, eyeballs and chattering teeth trade jabs with forks, hats, fish, and letterforms in fragments and wholes as pairs and trios of embedded doppelgangers criss-cross and trade blame. Schwitters said, everything had broken down, and Merz was a revolution not as it was, but as it should have been. Dmitry Babenko has served up a breakfast, lunch and dinner of screaming heads as they are as well as how they might have been."

—Mark Bloch

Tags: arcimboldo, artist book, visual poetry

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