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Увидел интересные фото у Chuck Welch, подписи тоже копирую из его фб.
The first underground mail art exhibition in Soviet Russia as related in a letter from Anatoly Zhigalov to CrackerJack Kid (Sep. 28, 1989).


The first Soviet mail art show, Moscow, April 16, 1985 at Abalakova & Zhigalov's flat.


Mailart Stand at Abalakova & Zhigalov Exhibition in Moscow, Jan. 17 - February 5. 1990. Mailart is one of the fields of TOTART activity in addition to painting performances, films and other projects. Natalya Abalakova & Anatoly Zhigalov have been engaged in mail art since 1980. In 1985 (April 16) they realized the Apartment Mailart Show (April 16, 1985) in collaboration with young artists, Igor and Gleb Olejnikov. Said Zhigalov, "As result of intensive mail communication during a month (250 wild and provocative letters and postcards, there was an (underground) exhibition - The 1st Soviet Mailart Show".

All photo: Chuck Welch "Eternal Network Mail Art Archive"
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